Energy Medicine and More

Harmonize your health. Embrace your potential.


BodyTalk Session

BodyTalk is a comprehensive healthcare system based on energy medicine that aims to restore internal communication in the body, thus restoring health.

Initial Intake - $100

Follow Up Session - $80

Distant Session - $80

If you would like more information on the BodyTalk system, please visit the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) -


BodyTalk Session for Animals

Humans aren’t the only beings who experience stress. Animals living out of their natural environment – such as farm animals, pets, and zoo or sanctuary inhabitants – can also experience a disconnect from their natural coping and self-healing practices that allow them to live healthfully and in harmony with their surroundings.

Session - $120

Distant Session - $120

Animal sessions are done at their place or residence, please note there may be additional travel charges if animal is outside of the Midland area.


Private Yoga and/or Meditation

Yoga means to ‘yoke’, therefore unite body, mind and spirit. It is about connecting within, bringing forward a state of active relaxation and inner awareness. Yoga includes the practice of meditation and honours where you are today in your practice, through a compassionate lens, empowering you along your journey. It is a great path for stillness, self-development, increased health and wellness, and to connect to your true/higher self.

60 Min. Session - $100