About Me

It is incredible where life will take you, if you let it!​

Almost a decade ago, I had my first BodyTalk session and it blew my mind. It was if a 50 lbs weighted vest was taken off of my shoulders, and I connected to a different level of balance than I had ever experienced before. I couldn't believe how amazingly different I felt afterwards, and was determined to learn how it worked.

Starting simply out of a place of curiosity and a desire to evolve, heal, and expand my consciousness. I became a certified BodyTalk Practitioner (for people and animals!) and launched myself into any advanced trainings and/or readings that helped me understand energy medicine, consciousness and the metaphysical body, unified/quantum physics and more.  Exploring to this day, alternative ways we can feel our best.

Enthusiasm mixed with the right blend of trust and support, has lead me to opening my own practice over 5 years ago. Offering a blend of services that help all beings (both two legged and four) harmonize their health and embrace their potential.  A truly magical place to be!

If you have any questions about my training or services, don't hesitate to reach out! 


Additional Training & Certifications

Advanced BodyTalk Training

- Linking Awareness     -BodyTalk for Animals     - BodyTalk for Plants     - Fascial Energetics    

- Eastern Medicine     - Soul's Journey     - Principles of Consciousness     - Bio-Dynamics       

- Macrocosmic BodyMind     - Matrix Dynamics     - Metaphysics of Treating


- Classical/Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200HR)     - Sekhem & Karuna Reiki Level I&II

- LifePrint Certified Analyst, Event Facilitation & Soul Unification     - Medical Healing Qigong     

- Unified Physics Delegate Program     - Sound Healing     - Matrix Energetics